Saturday, December 9, 2017

Review: Without Merit - Colleen Hoover

Without Merit

Review: Without Merit - Colleen Hoover - October 2017

As a fan of Colleen Hoover's books, I had been looking forward to reading this book especially when the cover was released, and I instantly fell head over heels for the cover. I have to say this book was different to anything I have read but I loved it as it showed readers what true dysfunctional families are like and that no matter what family you belong to, all families have quirks and secrets. Within With Merit, we have the Voss family who out of spite brought an old church and made it their home. In the Voss family, we have the OG wife Victoria, her twin daughters Merit and Honor and their older brother Utah. Then we also have her Dad and his new wife also known as Victoria, their son Moss and later Victoria's brother Luck.  Also added to the crazy mix is a dog named Wolfgang and Sagan. The book starts with Merit kissing Sagan who later turns out to be attached to her twin sister Honor. Then one thing leads to another, and we are thrust upon a cray-cray household filled with dark secrets, estranged family members, quirks. This goes on for most of the book until Merit can't swallow her tongue anymore and explodes releasing all of the secrets that the family have been hiding and then does something stupid. Will her act of stupidity and wanting to die to bring her family together or will it push them further apart? What would the Voss family be like Without Merit? Find out in Colleen Hoover's latest release which also just won Goodreads Choice Winner for 2017.

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