Review: #Nerd - Cambria Hebert

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#Nerd (Hashtag, #1)

Review: #Nerd - Book #1 Hashtag Series - Cambria Hebert - November 2014

I have been going lately while on break, through my Kindle and reading old books; most seem to have been 2014 reads. I have had this whole series sitting on my Kindle/Ipad to read and figured I should get started. As someone who identifies themselves as a # Nerd, I was drawn to this book as I love geeky characters. Rimmel is a scholarship student studying to become a Vet, when she is asked and told it is a scholarship requirement to tutor the school's star Football player Roman aka Romeo. Romeo is your typical footballer with bad grades and always scoring girls, partying and having fun. The pair is an unlikely match, but as time goes by, Romeo starts actually to develop feelings for Rimmel. What will happen though when Romeo is rushing a top fraternity and the goal to get in - is to sleep with a chick they choose and take your picture, the morning after. Rimmel has been chosen for Romeo. He can't make a one night stand with her though as she is not that type of girl. She is one of the good ones, not the type to chuck herself at any random fellow. As the book goes along, we see a change in Romeo and Rimmel opens up. Which will Romeo choose? Will he choose the fraternity or Rimmel when it comes to the crunch? Find out in this #CinderellaStory where #Nerd meets #Jock and #FallInLove.  Stay tuned as I move on to reading #Hater - Book #2.


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