Thursday, December 28, 2017

Review: Zoey and the Nice Guy - Carter Ashby

Zoey And The Nice Guy (Big Girl Panties, #1)

Review: Zoey and the Nice Guy - Book #1 Big Girl Panties - Carter Ashby - November 2014

The Big Girl Panties series tells us the stories of three best friends and their long-winded paths to love and overcoming all the obstacles in their lives. Once upon a time, there were three best friends Zoey, Addy, and Maya. Book #1 is Zoey's story.  Now as adults, the three have remained as friends and are there for one another in crises. Maya has been hit one time too many and is now leaving her husband and taking the kids. With nowhere to stay, Zoey opens up her house to Maya and the kids. Kellan - Maya's brother-in-law, has always been known as the "nice guy" as he is just that - a genuine soul. The thing is though that where Maya and her kids are involved, Kellan will stand by Maya's side. This would be all well except that ever since they were kids - Zoey has not been able to stand Kellan let alone be in the same room as him. What happens though when Zoey pushes Kellan a tad too far, and he finally yells at her and stands up to her rubbish. Zoey is slightly turned on by this and starts to see Kellan in a whole new light. Thus begins a back and forward game of I love you / I hate you. Can Kellan prove to Zoey that he isn't going anywhere, no matter how hard she tries to push him away? Will Zoey let Kellan into her circle when she discovers that he is there for her 100 %? 
Find out in this edgy Contemporary Romance which is for the adult audience rather than teens as it does contain a lot of swearing as Zoey has a potty mouth on her.

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