Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Review: The Yellow Sweater - Joseph Dougherty

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The Yellow Sweater (Pretty Little Liars; Emily and Paige #1)

Review: The Yellow Sweater - Joseph Dougherty - July 2013

Are you missing Pretty Little Liars? Wanting to be reunited with some of your favorite characters? The Yellow Sweater by Joseph Dougherty is a fanfic which transports you to the world of Pretty Little Liars set in 1964, Rosewood.  The Yellow Sweater is the love triangle story of Emily, Paige, and Allison. It is a story of how a piece of clothing can make us have impure thoughts about someone even though we know it's not right. For Paige, it saw Emily in the Yellow Sweater, and for Emily, it saw Allison in the white blouse. The Yellow Sweater, though it does have some of Emily's feelings toward Allison, it is mainly about Paige's feelings toward Emily. This was a quick read and perfect for those fans who shipped Paily instead of Emison and for those wanting to fulfill those needs of Pretty Little Liars withdrawals.

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