Review: The Cake King - Rosie Chase

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Review: The Cake King - Book #1 Sugar and Spice Series - Rosie Chase - January 2020

I don't normally rave about sweet romances, but after I finished The Cake King by Rosie Chase, I went and shared the link on a few bookish pages as a must-read. There was just something extra sweet about this read and it wasn't just all the sweet bakery treats in-between the pages. The Cake King starts with Sam being part of a baking competition - sort of a reality TV "Top Baker" show. Michael aka The Cake King's sister Megan is having her Wedding at the end of the book and he is trying to get the best baker to make her wedding cake. This will also benefit the baker and help them kickstart their careers. As Sam gets near the end of the competition, she starts to doubt herself as the other participants are from big named bakeries or popular social media influencers and she is a foster kid from the backwoods near the Appalachian Trail. Around the middle of the book though, we learn that Michael fancies Sam and vice versa. Of course, though Sam is shy and not one to put herself out there as she is afraid of being hurt and also believes she isn't good enough as nobody famous like Michael wants a girl from the middle of nowhere right? Wrong. The latter half of the book is Michael and Sam's romance blossoming but what will happen near the end of the competition where Sam has to make the biggest decision of her life - continue the competition as she is in the finals or drop out and go back to her normal life as her foster dad turns ill? Is her HEA with Michael over before it even properly began or will Michael prove to Sam that he isn't giving up and will have her one way or another? 
Find out in this sweet romance read The Cake King which as you finish you will want to move onto Book #2 which I went and got on Kindle Unlimited straight after finishing this book.


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