Monday, March 16, 2020

Review: Dirty Prince - V. Darling

Dirty Prince

Review: Dirty Prince - V. Darling - March 2020

I had been looking forward to reading this book as I am into the whole bullymance trope at the moment. Dirty Prince is a love triangle tale of a girl - Scout and two twin brothers - Lev and Nav Fox. They first met when they were younger and though Lev has always had a crush on Scout, she kept picking Nav. It didn't matter though of course as somehow all her first moments were stolen by Lev. As the pair got older, they still hung together as a crowd with Scout on the arm of Nav and Lev became her arch-nemesis. During their senior year though, Scout starts to fall for Lev and the pair start a torrid affair as she can't make up her mind to which brother to be with as she loves them both dearly. Lev - her bad boy and Nav - the good guy (two sides of a coin). What will happen though when someone starts blackmailing her about Lev and Nav finds out and it causes him to spiral out of control? Did Scout make the right decision and choose the right brother to be with or has she made a mistake and ruined her current status? Overall, I wasn't too impressed with this book as I felt that Scout was just stringing along with both boys and acted like a spoilt brat. I am in two minds about continuing with the series as the other books featuring their friends Kingston and Saint who are just as big of players as Scout, to be honest, I'm surprised none of them have an STD with the number of sex orgies that this book had in the pool house. If you are in the mood for a cheating love triangle novel, then check out Dirty Prince by V. Darling today.

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