Review: The Wedding Date - Jasmine Guillory

The Wedding Date (The Wedding Date, #1)

Review: The Wedding Date - Book #1 The Wedding Date Series - Jasmine Guillory - January 2018
This book has been sitting on my pile to read for a while now and after reading The Cake King which was a sweet romance, I was in the mood for a bit more light-hearted reads to break up my mystery and romantic suspense novels. The Wedding Date starts with Alexa and Drew being stuck in an elevator together in the same hotel. Alexa was on her way to celebrate her sister's promotion armed with Champagne and Cheese/Crackers and Drew is in town as his friend Josh is getting married to his ex-girlfriend Molly and to make matters more complicated he is a groomsman and dateless. After sharing and bonding over cheese and crackers as they wait for the elevator to start moving again - Drew on a whim asks Alexa to be his date to the wedding and play the role of fake girlfriend. Alexa who is oddly attracted to Drew thinks why the hell not and the pair end up as dates to a wedding. Alexa isn't normally the type Drew goes for as his type is tall, blonde and white whereas Alexa is short, dark hair and black - which of course gets a few racist comments at the wedding, seeing as she is the only black person in a sea of white and a few other races. The pair hit it off and start a long-distance are we friends or dating relationship scenario. Near the end though, things get a bit rocky as Alexa is falling head over heels for Drew but doesn't know if what they have is real or if he is still faking it and having a fling. Can Drew prove to Alexa that she is his "one" despite the odds stacked against them? Find out in The Wedding Date by Jasmine Guillory today if you are looking for a chick-lit romance read today.


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