Sunday, March 29, 2020

Review: Signed with a Kiss - Jessica Sorensen

Signed with a Kiss (Signed with a Kiss #1)

Review: Signed with a Kiss - Book #1-2 - Alexis and West Series - Jessica Sorensen - November 2019
Needing an edgy angsty YA to read? This book was a little confusing at first as it jumps into Alexis hanging with her friend Maisie when her crush comes over. Alexis's personality changed after her parents died in a car crash and we have flashbacks to an incident that happened at school where we assume that Jay sexually assaulted her. None of her friends or family know about the assault - I do have to admit that Alexis should have told someone - at least her best friend Maisie. In this series, she has kept it quiet and her world starts to shut down as she becomes an angry person who acts like she hasn't got a care in the world. When she catches her best friend kissing her crush, she freaks and runs away. While she is running away, she comes across West who is her arch-frenemy. West has a secret though as well, he is in love with Alexis and has a crappy family life. Both Alexis and West have dark secrets that if they are revealed, they could ruin both of their families' lives. What happens though when Alexis gets an unknown text and someone is blackmailing her about her Banksy art which she signs off as "signed with a kiss".  I have to admit this book was probably one of my least favorites by Jessica Sorensen as I hated the character, Alexis, as she seems like a closed-off brat and I am in two minds now to continue with the series.  Signed with a Kiss (Books 1-2) was a borderline 3Ps rating.


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