Review: My Bare Lady - Piper Sheldon

My Bare Lady (Scorned Women's Society, #1)

Review: My Bare Lady - Book #1 Scorned Women Society - Piper Sheldon - November 2019
Loving the Smartypants Romance books, I have been on a bit of a binge lately and this one attracted me due to the hot pink Winston brother type beard on the cover. In My Bare Lady, we meet Suzie Samuels who works as a stripper at the club for the Black Demons. She used to be part of the Pink Ponies and Iron Wraiths crowd until she set Jethro Winston's bike on fire and escaped and got a new nickname Short Fuse Suze. Suzie enjoys her job dancing as when she does, it's like she blocks out the whole world. Her dream though is to be like the Las Vegas Showgirls and it seems that Occum has a possible opening for her. The deal though is she has to get Clifford Rutledge - the PE to sign the plans. Clifford aka Ford is not one to just roll over and break the law, but when he is put in a bind and Suzie's life is on the line - he strikes up a two for one deal as he also has been given a chance to have his research funded. He has three months to change Suzie from a trashy southern stripper to pass for a high society educated female if so he gets 1 million dollars towards his research and Suzie gets closer to her dream. Along the way, Suzie meets a group of girlfriends called the Scorned Women's Society which is made up of Jethro Winston's exes and she also starts to fall for Ford and vice versa. What will happen though when she learns the truth about Razor - the man she thought she owed? Will Ford's self-control and pride get in the way of him telling Suzie how he really feels about her and will Suzie finally get the closure from Jethro, that she has wanted for all these years? We also catch a glimspe of Cletus and Billy in their musician elements, as well as a few other familiar Iron Wraith bikers. Find out all this and more in My Bare Lady by Piper Sheldon- another Smartypants Romance hit.


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