Saturday, March 21, 2020

Review: Why I Loathe Sterling Lane - Ingrid Paulson

Why I Loathe Sterling Lane

Review: Why I Loathe Sterling Lane - Ingrid Paulson - June 2017 

Ever since her mother died, Harper has had rules to protect her twin brother Cole and herself especially since she had to take on the mothering aspect as her father only really wanted her brother. As Harper got older, those rules continued to grow and now in her senior year she has 537 rules and her life is on track to graduating top of her class and heading to Law school. That is until Sterling Lane rocks up to their boarding school and throws her whole life out of whack from the very first day.  No matter where she goes, he is there and it's about to get worst as he is rooming and now best friends with her brother Cole. As the book goes along and Sterling pushes all of Ali's buttons, no-one seems to believe he is the bad influence and they are making it out to her being an over sensitive girl. When Cole gets into trouble and it starts to drown him, Harper believes this is Sterling's doing and sets out to ruin him and get him out of her perfectly constructed life for good. Though along the way, we see Sterling isn't exactly the bad guy that Harper has painted him to be and despite their constant pranks and revenge on each other, the pair both have the same end goal in mind - to save Cole from the hole he has dug himself into. Throughout the novel, we also see sparks fly between Sterling and Harper as she is the only one who doesn't put up his rubbish. Will Harper's distaste and hate for Sterling Lane change into love along the way? Find out in this fun angsty love/hate relationship novel featuring Harper and Sterling in Ingrid Paulson's YA novel "Why I Loathe Sterling Lane".

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