Thursday, March 19, 2020

Review: The Secrets we Held - E.K Blair

The Secrets We Held (Secrets and Truths Duet, #1)

Review: The Secrets We Held - Book #1 Secrets and Truth Duet - E.K Blair - February 2020|
Kate had always been a tomboy most of the time and preferred to hang out with the guys and surf rather than do girly things. That changed though when she met Trent and Caleb. Trent is a surfer like her friends and serious about surfing. He is also a bit of a playboy and though Kate is interested in him, she wants to protect her heart and due to a bit of miscommunication - he treats her just like "one of the guys" yet we, of course, know that there is some serious chemistry sizzling between the two. Just as things look like they might heat up for Kate and Trent, Caleb enters the picture - he is a newbie to surfing and captures Kate's attention. Caleb is also a charmer and a trust fund baby as we later find out. As the book goes along, we read as Kate starts hanging out more with Caleb and less with her surfing buddies. That's not all that changes though, Kate starts to become less like her usual self and starts to change to fit Caleb's world. Then near the end of the book comes Kate meeting Caleb's family and that's when trouble begins to brew as Caleb starts to change into something Kate doesn't like but now she is stuck into a role that we have seen so many times. Reading this put it back into perspective of how much a person can change someone, no matter how strong you are - as you start to make excuses for them and fall into this cycle of being the victim. This story as I was reading it, it felt like a book I had read before but couldn't quite put my finger on it with the whole love triangle of Trent and Caleb and Kate in the middle. The Secrets We Held by EK Blair was an edgy NA read and focuses on domestic violence and was Book #1 in the Secrets and Truth Duet.

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