Saturday, March 14, 2020

Review: Friends Don't Lie - Cath Weeks

Friends Don't Lie

Review: Friends Don't Lie - Cath Weeks - October 2019
Melissa and her two friends Rachel and Jenny have been best friends for as long as they can remember. Melissa and Jenny were inseparable as children and then Rachel came along while they were at school and joined their duo making it a triad. In their small community, these three are looked up to and have been put on a pedestal - they even have their nickname the Silkies. Everyone dreams of being one of them, but they are happy in their bubble or are they? One day, Rachel calls Melissa to set up a kayaking trip for her and Jenny's family. Melissa asks to come along, but Rachel wants to talk to Jenny alone and tells her she will make it up to her and explain everything. Melissa thinks it's odd but agrees. While out on the kayaking trip though, bad weather rolls in and some of the kayaks end up capsizing. Most get hurt, but one of them doesn't return home - Jenny. Melissa hears the news and rushes to the hospital to learn her friends are injured and dead. As the weeks will roll on through the friends will discover deep dark secrets that were hidden from one another and the cracks will start to show and make the town wonder if Melissa and Rachel are guilty and that the Silkies weren't as tight as they were made out to be. Included in Friends Don't Lie is the second storyline of Melissa's sister Hannah's death that happened over thirty years and the next door Angela's obsession with the case and Melissa. Friends Don't Lie was a good mystery novel that kept me intrigued from the very first page.

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