Monday, March 30, 2020

VBT# Daring to Love - Karen Ferry ( Part 2/2)

Daring To Love (Written In The Stars #3)

Review: Daring to Love - Book #3 Written in the Stars -March 2020
As New Zealand hits full lockdown mode, it's a good time to make a bit of a dent in my massive reading pile. If you love astrology and horoscopes not to mention romance, then you will enjoy the Written in Stars novellas. Daring to Love takes us into the world of Amelie and Finlay. It's Amelie Winter's birthday and her father has hired a journalist to interview her for the high society pages. Finlay is in the doghouse after being caught with his pants down literally with a politician's wife. He has been sentenced to the high society pages instead of the usual investigative pieces he chases down. Upon the couple's first meeting, Finlay has the figurative door slammed in his face as Amelie is too busy and a private person and doesn't want to be interviewed. She heads to the dance studio where she is a ballet dancer who has gotten the role of a lifetime as the lead in Swan Lake. After her dance, all the emotions she's been holding in, come crashing to the surface and she ends up sobbing in Finlay's arms. The pair then get dinner and soon sparks and chemistry are flying between the two of them. Finlay hasn't felt this way about anyone before and Amelie is a hopeless romantic at heart. What happens though when Finlay finds out Amelie's dark secret about her birth and it gets splashed across the pages of the newspaper for the world to see. Amelie is hurt, betrayed and heartbroken. Can Finlay prove it wasn't him who spilled her secret and prove to her that she is his "one and only" and that destiny and fate had it "written in the stars" that they would meet and fall in love?
Find out in this cutesy romance "Daring to Love" by Karen Ferry - Book #3 in the Written in the Stars Novella Collection.

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