Sunday, March 29, 2020

Review: Truth - Scarlett Haven

Truth (The Zara Chronicles, #2)

Review: Truth - Book #2 - The Zara Chronicles - Scarlett Haven - August 2018

Zara is in her first week of Spy School Academy and her whole life has been flipped upside down as she is about to learn that not only is the "dad" she grew up with and thought was her father - isn't and because of that someone wants her dead. Zara always knew she was different from a mother for an actress and a dad as a baseball sportsperson. She wasn't sporty like her brother and she wasn't an actress like her sisters. Zara though is about to learn in Truth - that her biological father was a spy and one of the best. Zara is in Tokyo with her new team on a mission that was supposed to be a test, but now it seems that they have uncovered an operation that is over their heads. This brings some of the team from an earlier Spy series that Scarlett Haven wrote- remember Gage, Brett, etc? We also see that Sebastian and Serenity ended up living a HEA as a power spy couple. Now that the bad guys know about Zara's connection to Zach, can the pair stop them as they are now hitting Zara where it hurts - her little sister Charlotte. This was a fun YA Spy series that hints at Reverse Harem.  I have to admit I was a little disappointed as I know this was a 12- book series and I went onto Amazon to find Book #3 Toxic and the series no longer exists on amazon :(.

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