Review: Tracks of Her Tears - Melinda Leigh

Tracks of Her Tears (Rogue Winter, #1)

Review: Tracks of Her Tears - Book #1 Rogue River Series - Melinda Leigh - November 2015
For those who read my book reviews, you will know that one of my favorite female mystery authors is Melinda Leigh. What I enjoy about her books is that often there is a crossover of characters. In Rogue River Book #1 we are reunited with Seth and his wife Carly and their daughter Brianna. This book is set after the fire of the O"Rourke Resort and Seth and Carly have been busy in counseling as they work hard to reconcile their marriage. Carly's mother Pat is now coming up to her first Christmas without her husband Bill - whom we know from past novels was killed to cover up a drug operation in the small town of Rogue River. Carly's sister Stevie is now engaged to Officer Zane and her older brother James is the Mayor. The snow is falling and some punks have uncovered a body that Seth is called out too. He turns the body over and to his shock discovers that it is the girlfriend of Carly's younger brother Bruce.  Thus sets the tone for most of the book as the town tries not only to find out what happened to Amber but also no-one has seen or heard from Bruce and he was the last person to see Amber alive or was he - so the other storyline is trying to track down Bruce.  I did enjoy this book but had hoped when the killer was revealed that it would have packed more of a punch as it fell a bit flat near the ending of Tracks of Her Tears. If you are looking for a Christmas time Murder Mystery and a quick read while you are locked inside during this nationwide lockdown we are having, then check out Melinda Leigh's Tracks of Her Tears - Book #1 in the Rogue River Series today.


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