Review: Chess Club Dropout - Lux Carmine

Chess Club Dropout: A Contemporary High School WhyChoose Series (Dropout Series Book 1)

Review: Chess Club Dropout - Book #1 DropOut Series - Lux Carmine - August 2018
Readers of The Phantom Paragrapher will know that I have been going through the different bully romances - some have been DNF's, some have been amazing and then you have the in-betweeners. Chess Club Dropout by Lux Carmine was one of those in-betweeners. The book grabbed me by the title as come on, what type of person drops out from Chess? Our main character Ruby that is and on her very first day of Chess tryouts. Ruby has just lost her grandmother and her mother and her father didn't want her so she has landed on her Aunt Sara's doorstep and living with her cousin Maddie. At their high school is a group of hotties called The Lone Wolves, they don't date and do the odd hookup but normally they just stick to themselves and they rule the Drama Club. This year's play is Grease and Maddie has been pushing Ruby to play Sandy. It's not her thing but she soon finds herself in the Drama club as the Lone Wolves have taken a real shine to Ruby. As the book goes along, of course, we see that the boys start a reverse harem with Ruby but not all the students are happy about it and start to post suggestive pictures on Social Media of Ruby and make her out to be a sexual deviant which forces her Aunt's hand and kicks her out. Where will Ruby go? Will the Lone Wolves protect her when she finds herself with nowhere to go? Find out in Book #1 Chess Club Dropout by Lux Carmine. In terms of bullying, this book was quite tame but featured more cyberbullying than physical bullying, yet there is a sexual assault scene.


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