Friday, March 20, 2020

VBT# Fireworks - L.Moone ( Part 2)

Fireworks (Coffee Shop Girls #1)

Review: Fireworks - Book #1 Coffee Shop Girls - L. Moone - January 2020

Lauren Baxter is finally making it out on her own as a plus-size girl and owning her boutique called Not-So-Skinny. It is almost opening day and things are a bit unsettling as her shipment hasn't arrived as of yet. She heads to the local coffee shop and it is instant love when she meets a guy there called Lawrence. He is here on business and attracted to Lauren's curvy body. He has been called up about one of Simon Baxter's buildings, what he doesn't know though is that Lauren is the daughter of Simon. The pair were still unaware that Lauren's father connects them and has a wild romantic night. It soon spills out that Lauren is Simon Baxter's daughter and she believes that Lawrence was using her to get back at her father. Can Lawrence prove to Lauren that he loves her for her and not because of her surname and not as a move to get back at her father? 
Find out in this cutesy sweet romance - a quick Big Girl instalove novella.

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