Review: Devil's Food Duke - Rosie Chase

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Devil's Food Duke

Review: Devil's Food Duke - Book #2 Sugar and Spice Series - Rosie Chase - January 2020
After reading Book #1 The Cake King and loving it, I decided to continue with the series. I have to admit though that though this was a good read, it wasn't up to the par as The Cake King. In Devil's Food Duke we see the competition and story from Adrienne's POV. The story starts the day of the competition with no mixers - the one where Michael first stared at Sam and Rei and Sam bonded. Imagine Adrienne's surprise when Michael's friend and owner of the hotel walks in and it is Oliver Kline aka Ollie. Ollie was Adrienne's best friend growing up and she was set to marry his older brother Clancy when he died. Ever since that night, Adrienne has been blamed for his death and she was cast out of the wealthy world she grew up in, she was struck with a black mark next to her name.  With all her old feelings for Ollie bubbling up to the surface, can Adrienne still concentrate on the competition? During the competition, the sparks fly between Adrienne and Ollie and you can see the love between the pair is still strong. What will happen though as just as things start to heat up, Adrienne finds herself out of the competition? Is her second chance at love with Ollie over before it even began? What will their families think when the truth is revealed? Will Ollie be willing to give up his family connections and wealth to live a happily ever after with Adrienne? Find out all this and more in this deliciously sweet second chance romance "Devil's Food Duke" by Rosie Chase.


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