Review: Cotton Candy - Erin Lee

Cotton Candy: The Sequel to Erin Lee's Diary of a Serial Killer Series (Ice Cream Shop Series)

Review: Cotton Candy - Book #15 The Ice-Cream Shop Series - Erin Lee - December 2018

As we are in Quarantine full-lockdown in New Zealand, I decided it was time to try and clear my kindle of some older books. Years ago, I read Thing Fifteen which was Jimmie's story - Jimmie was finally arrested and put on death row and called The Ice-Cream Killer. Cotton Candy introduces us to a character called Candy Kane whom first was wrongfully convicted and in prison, she finally gets her case overturned and leaves prison. She starts to get her life back on track with her Taco Truck. Candy decides to start writing as a pen pal to the Prison and ends up having Jimmie as her pen-pal. The pair exchange letters and of course soon they meet up and it feels like they have finally met their match in one another. In Cotton Candy, Candy talks to Jimmie about his murders as she tries to discover how and why he killed. During this book, the case of the Boy in the Box is talked about. A funny coincidence is that today as I write this review, I am listening to the My Favourite Murder Podcast and episode #7 Seven Murders in Heaven talks about The Boy in the Box case. If you are wanting a crazy fun murder series to read, then check out Cotton Candy and the Jimmie stories by Erin Lee today.


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