Review: Monster Academy for the Magical - Jessica Sorensen

Monster Academy for the Magical (Monster Academy for the Magical #1)

Review: Monster Academy for the Magical - Book #1 - Jessica Sorensen -September 2019

When Haven was born, her father discovered her mother had, had an affair with a Maddening and that their newborn baby had inherited the abilities of a "Maddening". Her mother went crazy and she was abandoned as a baby at the local firehouse. With no knowledge of her abilities, Haven ends up being labeled as a troublemaker as she moves from foster home to foster home especially when two of her foster families end up with a family member turning crazy. Now Haven has been sent to a new school which turns out to be a Monster Academy for the Magical, a school for magical creatures. Can Haven find out more about her abilities and where she came from? Monster Academy for the Magical ends on a cliffhanger which makes me wonder if Sage - one of the highest teachers has a connection to Haven. If you are wanting a quick fantasy YA read, then check out Monster Academy for the Magical by Jessica Sorensen today.


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