Review: Throne Away - Leddy Harper

Throne Away

Review: Throne Away - Leddy Harper - April 2020
One of my favorite tropes is Royalty Fiction and that's what drew me to Leddy Harper's new book "Throne Away". Normally the royal type stories that we read are the guy is the Prince or King and the female is the commoner that they fall in love. Throne Away by Leddy Harper is a reversal of roles as the male is the commoner - Ryan and the royal figure is Princess Moira. The book starts with Moira who has managed to escape her security for her last night in the US and is standing on the pier. From the outside, it looks like she is about to jump which is where Ryan comes in as he tries to save her. The pair then go off for a coffee and there is a connection as Ryan doesn't know she is Royalty. The next day Moira goes back to her real life and Ryan's ex-wife turns up. The book then jumps to weeks later and Ryan and his sister-in-law Mandy and his stepdaughter Amara are on the trip of a lifetime in Illumbra. This coincides with the announcement of Moira taking the throne as next in line. Ryan and Moira reconnect and have an amazing week. During the week, they learn they have met not once, nor twice but three times prior. During this week, the pair fall head over heels but as Moira is set to be Queen, she is supposed to have an arranged marriage. Are fate and destiny playing with her heart by putting Ryan in her way or will reconnecting with Ryan help Moira to stand up to her parents and finally set her destiny into action? Find out in this meet-cute royalty romance - Throne Away by Leddy Harper.

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