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Review: Fugly - Claire Waller


Review: Fugly - Claire Waller - November 2019
This book had captured my attention through the title "Fugly". The book starts with Beth Soames who is at the library reading a psychology book when she meets a beautiful girl who reminds her of a fairy Amy. The pair chat and you can tell that Amy is a genuinely nice person, but Beth, as we are about to discover, is a bit messed up. Beth has always been a big girl and loves to make fun of beautiful people and troll them as a way to make herself feel better. Online, she can be anybody she wants whereas IRL is a shy girl who is so insecure that I have to admit she started to annoy me. It's like come on Beth, get over freaking yourself - not everyone is out to get you. While she is online trolling, she meets online Tori who loves trolling too. When Beth is with Tori, the pair start to take things to the next level as Tori is a pro in hacking. Throughout the novel, Tori and Beth get closer to IM and start to fall in love with each other - this is a bit of a pseudo lesbian relationship but not. During the novel, Beth starts to sit next to Amy in college and hang out with Amy's crowd. What happens though when her internet life and her real-life end up crashing as one of Amy's friend tries to kill herself over social media bullying. Afterward, Beth tries to distance herself from Tori, but her double life will start unraveling and soon Beth finds herself friendless and trolled herself online.  Is this moment, a chance for Beth to reinvent her life and realize that she should live in the moment and that life isn't as bad as she thought. Reading this, I did wonder right through the novel too if Beth suffered from Mental Health issues as she seemed like she had Bipolar / Split personality disorder.
Fugly is a great read to the dark underbelly of the internet from Hacking, Trolling and Catfishing.

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