Review: Losing Me -Scarlett Haven

Losing Me (The Spy Chronicles, #3)

Review: Losing Me - Book #3 The Spy Chronicles - Scarlett Haven - June 2018

Serenity is still on the run with Sebastian as his father is after them still and they can't stay in one place for too long. This book starts in Seoul and then jumps to Sebastian taking her to her mother's house. Sebastian hasn't seen them for over three years and during this time, you can see the chemistry between Sebastian and Serenity sizzle except of course he won't make the first move and of course since Serenity has never been kissed, she thinks it's all in her head and that he doesn’t like her. During this book, we have them traveling all over America to keep one step ahead of Sebastian's dad whom we now know as Steven aka Operation Lex Luthor. I have to admit a favorite part was when the pair spent New Year's Eve in New York and watched the ball drop from their hotel as that's what my friend and I did on December 31st, 2013. The book then moves them to visit Sebastian's Granddad and his Dad turns up and the book ends on a cliffhanger. Again I was a little disappointed with this particular book as A) I wanted to find out more about how she was kidnapped in the first place and about her B) real mother as she does get talked about a few times during Losing Me. Also if they were such amazing spies, how did it take them all this time to find her? Unfortunately, this is another book that I went to look at Amazon for Book #4 after finishing Book #3 Losing Me but it no longer exists.


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