Review: When I Was You - Minka Kent

When I Was You

Review: When I Was You - Minka Kent - February 2020
Six months ago Brienne suffered a brutal attack that left her for dead and alone in her grandparent's home. Now she is recovering but her friends left her and she would have been all by herself if it hadn't been for her roommate Niall. What happens though when one day Brienne receives a key in the mail to an apartment? This leads her down the track of someone stealing her identity and when she follows the person, she is faced with someone who is a double of herself down to the clothes, perfume, and favorite food/drinks. Brienne starts to spiral and soon her roommate Niall convinces her that she is not Brienne - that she is, in fact, his wife Kate and that she has DID and that she has fabricated Brienne. What follows next is the reveal of a long history of dark secrets and soon Brienne doesn't know what is real and what is fantasy? Is she Niall's wife Kate and losing her mind or is he playing the long con with her and making her believe she is crazy ? The first part of When I Was You is fast-paced, then the middle gets a bit slower but near the ending, it picks up the pace and all is revealed. In a way When I Was You by Minka Kent reminded me a bit of the Netflix movie Secret Obsession. Looking for a good mystery read, then check out today When I Was You by Minka Kent.


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