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Review: Prose Before Bros - Cathy Yardley

Prose Before Bros (Green Valley Library, #3)

Review: Prose Before Bros - Book #3 Green Valley Library Series - Cathy Yardley - November 2019

Readers of The Phantom Paragrapher will know that I am in love with the SmartyPants romance publications, especially when it involves Green Valley and glimpses of either the Winston Brothers or Iron Wraiths as Penny Reid's Winston Brothers was one of my favorite series. Being a librarian myself, I also am a fan of the Green Valley Library series. This book starts with two best friends heading to Green Valley, Maddy Blount whose 7 months pregnant and her best friend/sidekick Thuy Nyguen. Maddy grew up in Green Valley and has returned home as her father Edward Blount has passed away. Maddy hasn't seen her brother since he left home at sixteen as he became a member of the Iron Wraiths. Razor is in jail and Darrell Winston has vanished - WITSEC program. Teddy Blount whose Iron Wraith's name is Drill is looking at being a contender for VP and he loves his family of bikers. However, when his sister returns home along with her best friend Thuy, Teddy's thoughts start to change as he realizes he wants more with Thuy and that after sixteen years + that maybe the biker life isn't really for him anymore - he wants a normal life. As Maddy is wanting to run the farm, it means Thuy needs a job - trained as a public librarian armed with her MILS - she applies at the Green Valley Library. Her passion though for being a book pusher and helping customers as well as wanting to bring the library into the 22nd-century clashes with the current Head Librarian. Will her trial run at the library be over before it even started or will something positive come out of her month's trial? What I loved about this book was not only that Thuy was a kick-arse librarian, but she also had standards where she wouldn't go out with a guy unless they were readers which causes Teddy aka Drill to start reading In the Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss as an e-book. As a librarian myself, I felt so at home with this book and even writing the review is making me smile.
I highly recommend readers to check out the books published by Smartypants Romance as each one contains characters, you can't help but fall in love with.

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