Saturday, March 28, 2020

VBT# Illicit - L. Moone ( Part 2/2)

Illicit (Coffee Shop Girls #2)

Review: Illicit - Book #2 Coffee Shop Girls - L. Moone - January 2020

At the end of Fireworks, we read as Lauren was proposed to by Lawerence at the launch party of her business. Book #2 Illicit starts where Fireworks finish as we have Kayla at the Launch Party and we read as Simon storms off in a huff from his daughter. When Kayla arrives with her friends, she notices Simon in the corner and is immediately captivated by his hot looks and sexiness. She thinks he is in his 30's but after hooking up with him as one thing leads to another, she discovers that he is, in fact, Lauren's father and more like in his later 40's. After Kayla discovers the truth, not wanting to wreck her new friendship with Lauren - Simon's daughter, the pair go their separate ways. Simon, on the other hand, hasn't felt this way about anyone except for Emma - his wife who died when Lauren was younger. Simon tries dating but no-one comes close to Kayla and when he runs into her a few months later - the pair reconnect as they haven't been able to stop thinking about one another. Will Lauren accept Kayla as her potential new stepmother or will she be disgusted with her father dating her new friend and someone her age? Find out more in this sweet quick read steamy romance novella "Illicit" for an Older Man/ Younger Woman read.

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