Review: Twisted Kingdom - Rina Kent

Twisted Kingdom (Royal Elite, #3)

Review: Twisted Kingdom - Book #3 Royal Elite Series - Rina Kent - January 2020
Wow, what a cliffhanger Book #2 Steel Princess left us with. I was like OMFG he's alive. How on earth though did Jonathon King not realize? You would have thought he would have done some sort of research and also if you are in a coma for nine years, how do you get your functions so quickly. At the end of Book #2, it was revealed that Elsa's father was still alive and he is back and wants Elsa to return as she is the rightful heir to the Steel Empire. Turns out that Knox has a twin sister Teal and are Elsa's foster siblings. They were both victims of her mother and Uncle Reg's games like Aiden. They have been raised by Uncle Angus as well as her father. In this book, we also see that Silver Queens has a change of heart and realizes that she no longer wants to be a pawn or be married to Aiden whom she knows will never love her. She is finally ready to let him go, what happens though when Elsa is thrust into the same position and told whom to marry? Will she let her love life be controlled or will she take matters into her own hands and marry for love? In the Twisted Kingdom, we learn more about Aiden and Elsa's first meeting when he was kidnapped and Elsa's promises to Aiden aka Grey Eyes. I have to admit the Royal Elite Series was a good read and very intense and angsty - lots of angst but I have to admit Aiden still isn't a favorite character for me he is one of my least favorites. As said before too Damn it, we need a Kimberley and Xander book as I NEED to find out their history and what happened to cause the hate between them. I am now looking forward to reading the spin-off books when released from the other characters in the Royal Elite series by Rina Kent.


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