Review: Ten Days Gone - Beverly Long

Ten Days Gone (A.L. McKittridge #1)

Review: Ten Days Gone - Book #1 A.L McKittridge Series - Beverly Long - February 2020
Murder is afoot in the small town of Baywood as four women are now dead. Neither of the women seems to have a connection except for the fact they all live in Baywood and were murdered the same way - naked and their clothes found folded up neatly beside them. The detectives on the case Rena and AL are stumped and now with the only lead they have which is the murders happened ten days apart, it means that another murder will happen in just over a week unless they can figure out the killer's pattern and get to the next target before the killer does. During this book, we also have a few other storylines from AL's relationship with his daughter Traci who lately has been making some bad choices and his sister Liv's decision to skip out on another rehab program. We also in the latter part of the novel have some sparks flying for AL as he falls for Tess - a later potential victim of the Baywood Serial Killer. Rena has some problems happening too in her life as she has been trying IVF as her husband Gabe wants a baby, her brother-in-law  Danny kissed her and now it looks like Gabe might be having an affair with someone who is her total opposite? I have to admit when the killer came to light, I could see him as the killer but what I was hoping for was a bit more depth/background of the reason he was killing the way he did - especially with the MO of folding the clothes. If you are in the mood for a bit of murder during the quarantine lockdown, then check out Book #1 in Beverly Long's new series AL McKittridge and who knows in later books, we might be able to find out what the AL stands for.


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