Review: Black Waters - Maija Barnett

Wanting a tale of sea creatures and mermaids ?

Review: Black Waters - Maija Barnett -May 2011
Are you a fan of the water ? Love novels about Mermaids and Sirens ? Their flowing tales and their abilities to turn into mermaids once they hit water and then on dry land be like you and me. For Abby, growing up was never easy but at least when she had her Dad around - she had somebody that understood her, knew about the mermaids and their way of life, the nessecity to be near water . Though, the past six months has been hard on Abby as her dad has passed and her mum who insists on being called Matilda and her older brother Jake don't really understand as neither of them carry the mermaid gene or in Abby's case she views it as a curse. One night when swimming, she senses something is wrong and finds a dead girl - panicking , she hides her in a cave and changes on dry land but little does she know that she is being watched by the Chief of Police's stepson Brian . The next day at school, Brian reveals to Abby that he knows what she is and he saw everything . Can Abby trust Brian to keep her secret ? What will happen though on the eve of Abby's sixteenth birthday when she recieves a present from her father - a box that was passed on from his grandmother . The box holds a connection to Abby's past and it is revealed that she is in fact a siren and the last of her kind and that she is in danger. As the murderer is running wild , killing teenage girls - is the murder a connection to Abby and her siren abilities ? Can Abby be the only one to stop the killer with the help of her grandmother's advice in her dreams ?
Find out all this and more in a great sea tale that all who love mythology and mermaids will enjoy, Black waters is the perfect YA/Teen read for all Water Lovers and those who love the element of mystery and suspense.


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