Monday, September 5, 2016

Review; The Cabin - Natasha Preston

The Cabin

Review: The Cabin - Natasha Preston - September 2016

After reading Natasha Preston's book The Cellar , I knew I wanted to read this book as I loved the way she had a suspense and thriller feel to her stories. If you remember years ago the book series Point of Horror that brought us authors like Lois Duncan , R.L Stine, Todd Strasser and Christopher Pike.  In The Cabin , we have a group of friends who over the past couple of years had a tragedy happen to them which resulted in the death of two of their best friends. This caused a strain in their friendships, but have decided to band together for one last trip before heading off to college.  We have Mackenzie , Courtney and her boyfriend Josh , Blake , Aaron, Kyle and Meg. Despite their tensions , the group agree and head to Josh's family cabin for a week away. The trip though is cut short as they wake up the next morning and find Courtney and Josh dead. With no way in and out as doors and windows locked, that must mean one of them is the killer. But which one ?  As the group head back home and spend the next month and a bit through police questioning, Mackenzie starts receiving text messages and she doesn't know who to trust anymore as it looks like she might be next in line to be stabbed ? I quite enjoyed The Cabin as it did have a Pretty Little Liars type feel to the book as everyone is a suspect and no-one is safe. What will start happening though when Mackenzie discovers that her friends all had secrets to hide which could potentially point as one of them to be the killer. The only thing I wasn't keen on with this book which is what stops it from getting a 5Ps rating was the last chapter as we find out the killer in the second to last chapter and then it's a year later and wham bam - someone else is a killer also. Personally, I thought the last chapter was a little bit unnecessary to the story and it was written like an afterthought to the book.


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