Thursday, September 8, 2016

VBT# Called Up - Jen Doyle

Called Up (Calling It, #2)

Review: Called Up -Book #2 Calling It - Jen Doyle - August 2016

Max Deacon and Angelica Hawkins have been best friends since childhood when they were teammates at high school. Now they are in their adulthood and both been enjoying their freedom lives with Deke opening his own bar and Fitz with her agency and she is now pitching a project to her brother Nate's baseball team. If she gets this job on her own accord, it will be a great opportunity for her. Life for both of them are going well , they have great jobs and awesome friends. There is just one thing missing - the "other half" , a partner and lately the pair of them have been eyeing each other up in a non-friends way and seeing each other in a new light. Since her parents died when she was younger, Fitz has always guarded her heart and has the philosophy of not dating friends especially best friends as after dating you can lose them and out of all her friends she doesn't want to lose Deke. Can Deke prove to Fitz that he is ready for commitment and that he truly loves her and she has nothing to fear, especially since he isn't going anywhere ? I was a little disappointed that I didn't grab as much to this story as I originally had hoped as I do love the friends to lovers story and the cover had grabbed me with the baseball theme. However, readers if you are wanting a sweet contemporary smalltown romance then get ready to be "Called Up" as Jen Doyle's latest release is the book for you.


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