Friday, September 30, 2016

VBT# The Forgotten Fairytales - Angela Pankhurst

The Forgotten Fairytales (Forgotten Fairytales, #1)

Review: The Forgotten Fairytales - Book #1 Forgotten Fairytales - Angela Pankhurst - February 2014

As I love my fairytales, one of the themes I am a sucker for is renditions of classics and fairytale stories. The Forgotten Fairytales reminded me of the Ever After High stories and one I read a while back which featured the theme of forgotten fairytales. Norah and her half-sister April have always been on the move as her dad goes from one job to another. After an incident which nearly caused April her life, the girls father suggests that they need to finally settle down in one place. So while he is off teaching in Moscow, he has enrolled the girls into a boarding school. Norah's mother attended the school and later we learn that her father did too and it was Norah's mothers wishes that she attend before her seventeenth year. When Norah arrives , she finds the school very odd and the curriculum even more strange. It turns out that the school is filled with characters from Fairytale books but as we are about to discover these fairytale characters aren't exactly like the ones we have grown up with as Cinderella is evil , The Big Bad Wolf is in fact a nice person and The Prince from The Little Mermaid is a two-faced drunk.  I had personally hoped that when we discovered who Norah's mother was that it went into a little more detail about her , but I found that The Forgotten Fairytales kind of glossed over her character which was a shame. I really liked the twist of who her father turned out to be as well and it explained his career choices as a Professor. If you are a fan of books like The School of Good and Evil , Ever After Highs, Whatever After then you will surely love and enjoy The Forgotten Fairytales by Angela Pankhurst.

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