Friday, September 30, 2016

VBT# Wilder - Rebecca Yarros

Another one of my dreams is to go on a cruise ship, I think it would be an amazing experience, and another favourite trope of mine is novels that involve cruise ships, tutoring, and sports. Like music, I am a pretty all-rounder when it comes to what I love to read. Wilder by Rebecca Yarros attracted me on one main thing - Extreme sports. In Wilder, we meet Leah who has overcome a tragic event in her life that has made her a survivor and been presented with an amazing opportunity to spend a year on board a cruise ship on scholarship for their academic schooling programme on board. Part of the scholarship requirements means that Leah has to tutor one of the wealthier students, and she has been stuck with Paxton Wilder - one of the original Renegades. The Renegades are a group of guys and girls who are extreme sports champions and since this is the dawn of Youtube Channels and Reality TV. They will also be filmed during the year and unfortunately for Leah - this means she will have to take part in some of the stunts especially if he wants to stay on board as her whole year depends on Paxton passing his courses and graduating. As the months go by, we readers get to see a different side of Paxton and Leah as romance blossoms. Will things continue being the same when it seems that someone is out to sabotage the Renegades and anyone close to them? Also, we read a twist when Leah's best friend finally arrives on board after being sick with Mono. Will she ruin Leah's chances of happiness when truths and secrets are revealed? Find out in Wilder, Book #1 The Renegades by Rebecca Yarros. An extreme read you won't want to put down.

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