Sunday, September 18, 2016

VBT# The Playbook - Kelly Elliott

The Playbook

Review: The Playbook - Kelly Elliott - September 2016

Aubrey Cain has always dreamed about being a NFL sports-reporter , despite her parent's political aspirations as her father is a top lawyer and her mother the Senator - she earned her parent's respect as she worked her way through journalism and now she is reporting on College Football which for a female is a big achievement in itself. If only she wasn't controlled by a male boss who believes women shouldn't be reporting on sports let alone the big leagues of Football. Aubrey has been given an opportunity to prove herself with following Brett Owens - Football coach extraordinaire and ladies man . Apparently he has a reputation for finding himself into women's pants and is another one that doesn't think Women should be reporting on sports as they are tools of distraction.  The two pair up reluctantly and as time goes along, they actually can feel the sparks flying between them - however Aubrey is trying her hardest not to crumble as this is her ticket to the big-leagues and she can't afford to stuff up her career over a guy - even one as hot as Brett Owens. Just as the pair start to hit it off , a dangerous bump appears in the road as a woman is claiming to be pregnant with Brett's baby.  Can Aubrey help Brett uncover the truth ? Will this cause both their careers to go belly-up as secrets and hidden feelings start to unravel ?  I have to say when I started reading The Playbook , I thought it was going to be just another sweet football contemporary romance but with the added twist of the pregnancy etc - it became more of a romantic suspense and made the second half of the book more exciting as readers watch the storyline unfold. If you love Football, Journalism, Romance with a bit of thrill added to the mix - then check out Kelly Elliott's new book "The Playbook".

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