Tuesday, September 6, 2016

VBT# Tell Me a Truth - Tamara Lush

Have you ever had a book that you had wanted to read but you were scared ? There was just something about that final book that you couldn't bring yourself to read it ? For me , that was the Episode #5 ( the last book) in the serial - The Story Series. I even tweeted the author Tamara Lush telling her I was nervous as I have had this book for about two weeks. Yesterday I finally caved in and put on my big girl pants and read the book and I am glad I did. I will warn you readers though this final book is definitely an intense read and is a powerful read that will tug at your heartstrings. At the end of the Episode #4 - Caleb had returned home to Emma and their daughter Charlotte. The thing is he has amnesia and has only just remembered his name.  He remembers his family , but the last four years he cannot remember which technically includes meeting Emma , marrying her and having their child together. Emma has waited for her husband for nearly a year and now he can't remember her and wants a paternity test for their daughter . During this episode, the pair get counselling as how can Emma be a mother, a wife to a husband who doesn't remember her at all. The last chapter , I was almost in tears and I actually read the passage out to my partner who was busy trying to play his Xbox game as it was a total Awhfest and I don't normally do this but I read the chapter twice and I wanted to keep going back to that one particular spot. For those who have seen Ghost Whisperer, this final chapter reminded me of when Sam finally remembers that he is in fact Jim. That awh, heart-wrenching moment.  This was the perfect conclusion to the serial and I only wished the ending was a bit longer and this by far would have to be one of my most favourite books in the serial.


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