Monday, September 12, 2016

Review: The Player and the Pixie - Penny Reid and L.H Cosway

For those readers of my blog you will know that I am a huge Penny Reid fan and when I saw that she had another one out in the Rugby series, I knew I had to read it. The other thing though that my readers will know is sometimes I can take forever to read a book that I mean to read as soon as it's released - the problem with having so many choices of what to read and all those new releases every single day. Anyway, I was sitting at work on my lunch break trying to decide what to read and I was talking to another staff member about Penny Reid and L.H Cosway and it inspired me to read The Player and the Pixie. Now I really enjoyed The Hooker and the Hermit, so was looking forward to this book. First off, I absolutely loved the character of Lucy Fitzpatrick - she is Ronan's younger sister , she was fun, quick witted and I loved the idea of her rainbow hair since I have been quite a few colours myself. You know readers , how I am a sucker for the misunderstood male characters - well, my heart yearned for Sean Cassidy and I may have loved Ronan in the first book, but the way he treated Sean - argh- I really hated Ronan by the end of this book as he came across every page as a self-righteous prick. It's like really, get over yourself Ronan - you have Annie , who cares about what happened in the past. Part of me too wishes that Lucy could grow some guts and stand up to her brother and mother and be like - I am going to be with Sean as he makes me happy and not be all secretive with him. Ok, Rant over now . In The Player and the Pixie we meet Lucy Fitzpatrick and Sean Cassidy, these two have this love/hate attraction going on and they eventually hook-up and sleep together. Now Sean has been with so many women, you expect him to be great in bed. Reality though he is beyond bad and now Lucy has taken on the role of teaching him how to woo women in bed. Like most of Penny's books, this book had me laughing in spots and making me awh in others. If you are looking for a fun romantic sports comedy , then look no further with Book #2 The Player and the Pixie and then once you have finished you can look forward to the coming release of Book #3 The Cad and the Co-Ed.


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