Thursday, September 29, 2016

VBT# Lost Stars - Lisa Selin Davis

Lost Stars

Review: Lost Stars - Lisa Selin Davis - October 2016

For sixteen year old Carrie, her life seems to be falling apart and she feels like she can't hold on anymore and that soon she won't exist. Everyone seems to be leaving her as her older sister Ginger passed away from an accident and then her mother up and left for a health nut retreat which was supposed to be for two weeks but has now been nearly 3-6 months since she has seen her mother. Carrie also stopped hanging around her geeky science friends and started spending time with her older sister Ginger's friends and got into the whole drugs, drinking and music scene. Her father has had enough and is worried about Carrie and so with the help of his friends, he enrolls Carrie into a Summer work programme at the local park. Carrie arrives and discovers one of her former friends is doing the same programme, but neither are the same people they were years ago.  During the book we see that Carrie has a lot of Angst and teen drama going on , she also has an attitude to boot which we gather is hiding her true feelings of pain from the situation.  Lost Stars is a novel of finding your true self and coming back to who you are in a person after the midst of tragedy. I was able to relate to this a little as after my Mum died and even now in moments, you do feel lost and you feel that you lose a part of who you are and in ways your personality and the person you were before the incident have disappeared forever. Lost Stars is also a great read if you are a Science Geek or love Astronomy as there is plenty of pages depicting the stars and comets and sciencey stuff.

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