Monday, September 12, 2016

Review: Play - Kylie Scott

Review: Play - Book #2 Stage Dive Series - Kylie Scott - March 2014

As a reader, we often have the luxury of all these amazing titles coming out every day and if you are a little on the obsessive side of books - you can't help but get them all, so of course what happens is like food - you end up with more than you can eat , but of course in this case more than you can read and the earlier releases start to get hidden away until something prompts you to search for that particular book and read it. For me one of the books I read last week was Play by Kylie Scott. After reading the first book Lick back in 2014, I went out and grabbed the whole series and then it sat there for two years. I am now in one of those "I can't believe it took me this long to read" moods. I have to admit I loved loved Play , it was amazing and by Chapter #14 I already had made up my mind to give it 5P's rating. In Play we meet Anne who has just been ripped off by her so-called friend Skye, we learn that Anne is a bit of a pushover and her two friends Reece and Skye just use her. Anne goes along to a party with her neighbours Lauren and Nate who are best friends with Ev and Davie - Davie is the singer for the band Stage Dive. At the party,  Anne meets Mal Ericson - the drummer and they have a crazy odd conversation about boundaries and he makes her laugh and forget about her problems. Next day Anne gets home from work to discover Mal has moved in with her. I loved the character of Mal - he was almost an insane type of character and you could tell that he had an underlining issuue of depression of sort as he was a maniac type but that's what made him fun and able to be related too.  Anne and Mal become in a fake relationship and eventually of course - feelings get involved. I wanted to whack Mal though for leaving Anne alone for a couple of days as it was like HELLO , come on you have a great girl who loves you for you and not the fact that you are a music celebrity. Overall, this is one of those stories where I have now claimed Mal Ericson to my list of Book Boyfriends as it was just the perfect mixture of romance and comedy and yes, I was glad to have my lunch break to myself as I chuckled through parts of the book and once I had finished reading it, I actually went and told a few people how they had to read this . This would have to be one of the best books I have read so far for 2016.

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