Thursday, September 15, 2016

VBT# Why Lie ? - Carey Heywood

Why Lie?

Review: Why Lie ? - Book #2 Love Riddles Series - Carey Heywood - September 2016

To be honest I wasn't sure what to expect when I requested to read this book, all I knew was that since it was written by Carey Heywood it is one that becomes an automatic read as I love her books. In Why Lie ? however, the main female character made me want to scream and I was like really, godamn you get over yourself and stop making it all about you. I have not felt this strongly against a character in a while but OMG the character of Sydney really annoyed the heck out of me and despite everything that happened to her I found her to be acting like a spoilt brat. Why Lie ? starts with a wonderful and romantic week between Sydney and Heathcliff aka Heath. The pair haven't let anyone know about them yet and are still in really early days. The next thing though Sydney learns that Heath has just proposed to another chick.  Was he using her for sex and nothing else ? Was Sydney just something fun before committing ? Hurt and feeling rejected, Sydney runs away and during this time the engagement is off and we discover the reasoning behind the sudden engagement and the reason it is off. This is why, I believe that you should never propose drunk as you may live to regret it when you are sober. During this time Sydney heads to her grandmother's cabin when tragedy strikes.  Realising he doesn't want to give her up without a fight, Heath stands by Sydney right the way through recovery. What really annoyed me was that you can see that Heath wants her forgiveness and is trying to do everything to make it up and she wants to give in but has this damn stubborn streak which I hated as it's like he has personal issues going on , stop making him hurt even more. You either want to be with him or not, stop pusyfooting and playing games.  As I haven't read the first one yet, I am eager to read it as I do like Carey Heywood.
Why Lie ? Is a romantic story for all those who have loved and lost and especially those wanting to gain a second chance with the ones they truly love and adore and will do anything to make it possible even for a single moment.

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