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Review: When You're Back - Abbi Glines

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When You're Back (Rosemary Beach, #11)

Review: When You're Back - Book #11 Rosemary Beach Series - Abbi Glines - June 2015

First off it seems that I have skipped one book as #10 is the beginning of this love story between Mase and Reese , but that is alright as you don't need to read Book #10 to understand the story.  At the beginning of this novel , Reese has been spending some time with her newfound family due to the discovery of her birth father and getting to know her family and relatives and has decided to come home a little early to surprise her boyfriend Mase Colt-Manning who despite growing up on the ranch, he too has discovered that he has a different family also as his biological father is Kiro Manning from the band that Dean Finlay who is Rush's dad also is in. Confused yet ? Reese arrives home to learn that there is a new girl hanging around her boyfriend and she doesn't look happy to see her , in fact she is being treated like she is an interruption. The new girl turns out to be Aida - who is Mase's cousin - not by blood though and she has the hots for Mase and now that they are both old enough she is not going to let go of Mase quietly, as he should be hers. She has waited all these years and not going to let Reese swoop in and steal her Prince Charming. The thing is though that Mase sees Aida just as her cousin , the one he cares about. Will Mase's caring for Aida form a rift between him and Reese and willl Reese turn to newcomer Captain aka River Kipling - he is Blaire Finlay's brother as he seems to be hanging around Reese alot and acting flirtatious. As the book goes along, we learn more about Reese's background and her love for Mase but what happens when doubts start to form ? Will this be the point to push Reese over the edge and lose Mase for good or will the pair discover when left with the idea that they might lose one another - that they in fact can't live without each other ? I really enjoyed reading this book but I did hope with the ending that revealed her father and his intentions as it felt that the epilogue finished quite abruptly for my liking. Overall , however it was great to be reunited with the cast of the Rosemary Beach series as had been a while since I had read an Abbi Glines's novel.
 I am now looking forward to going back and catching up on the ones I have missed in the later part of the series and since I am attending RT2017, I cannot wait to meet the author as she is one of my favourites.

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