Thursday, September 29, 2016

Review: The Silent Waters - Brittainy C. Cherry

The Silent Waters (Elements, #3)

Review: The Silent Waters - Book #3 The Element Series - Brittainy C. Cherry - September 2016

First off, I have to say I have a cover crush on The Silent Waters and that was one of the reasons I wanted to read this particular book, the second was of course the author.  I have to say that The Silent Waters was better than what I had originally expected and am glad that it exceeded my expectations. This book was amazing and had my heart wrenching and being felt like it was tied in knots in parts as I wanted to sympathise with the characters. The book starts off with six year old Maggie May's father moving in with a new female and her family . Soon Maggie May will have a new brother Calvin and a sister Cheryl.  Calvin is nine , Cheryl is five and Maggie is in between at six. With Calvin, comes along his best friend Brooks. Maggie loves Brooks and when she is ten , she starts to plan their wedding together. Brooks secretly likes Maggie but of course is at that stage where boys and girls are still kind of gross. When Maggie May is ten years old she witnesses a tragic event, which causes her to shut down completely and for the next twenty years Maggie will remain mute and not mutter a single word as that tragedy rendered her speechless and also agoraphobic. For the next twenty years, Maggie will only communicate through books and her writing pads and we read as her and Brooks go their separate ways.  The book goes through the different ages as every ten years being a different part in the book. When Maggie hits twenty-eight , tragedy strikes a second time but this time to Brooks. Is this the turning point Maggie needs in her life to finally be able to become the girl she lost all those years ago ? In order to move on with herself, will Maggie have to save Brooks first from his own sorrow ?
I loved the last chapter or so of this book as I got all excited with the developments of Maggie May and Brooks, so much that I actually read that particular chapter twice and my heart filled with glee both times.  If you are looking for a read that will pull at your heartstrings and also get you thinking about your own voice and whether you are heard or invisible , then check out Book #3 in the Element Series by Brittainy C. Cherry today as you will not be disappointed.  On a personal note this book like in ways it spoke to the author, I too struggled with speech especially when it came to my "th" sound and even these days I will try and avoid certain words as not to be mocked for them. I also had to take speech lessons when I was in my tweens.

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