Tuesday, September 20, 2016

VBT# This Love - Lea Darragh

This Love

Review: This Love - Lea Darragh - September 2016

Our novel starts with tragedy as Emerson aka Emmy is on her way to her wedding when she learns that her fiance Ethan has been in a car crash, rushing into the hospital in her dress she discovers her tragic beginning of what was supposed to be the happiest day of her life. The novel then jumps eighteen months into the future where we discover that Emmy has moved away from the city life of Melbourne to a small beaten off-track coastal town called Cobblers Creek which I loved as I am a fan of the smalltowns and have this amazing fantasy about what it would be like to live in one , where everybody knows everyone and you have that closeness that you would never get elsewhere. The places where like me , you have seen them only on TV and the big screen. Emmy moves in and meets Aubrey who becomes her best friend and her husband-to-be Finn. Due to Emmy's background she has been given the task in designing their new restaurant. What Emmy is about to discover though is that Finn's best friend who has been welcomed on board as the new chef as he too needs a fresh start is Jack. Jack was the guy driving the car that hit and killed her husband. That day though not only did Jack kill someone but he also lost someone close to him and that day haunts him for the rest of his life. During the book though we read as Emmy - which by the way I loved her character forgives Jack in order to move on and in doing so starts to see Jack as the person he really is. The person he was before the accident and surprisingly they become close and closer throughout the second half of the novel and then just as soon as everything seems to be falling into place - tragedy strikes again and leaves readers wondering whether Emmy will have a repeat situation with Dr. Campbell and is she cursed forever to have all her loves taken away or is there a silver sliver for her in the clouds of destiny.
Find out in Lea Darragh's new Aussie Fiction novel "This Love".

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