Saturday, September 17, 2016

VBT# The Tokyo Cover Girls - Jackie Amsden

 When I saw this book advertised, I knew I wanted to read it as I quite enjoy reading novels that are set in the fashion world and about modelling. What I didn't expect and I am sure alot of readers will be surprised was that it would become quite an intense suspense novel that would delve not only into the world of Japanese gaming shows and we all know how crazy they can be but also into Japanese gangs and missing persons all in the name of entertainment purposes. For three girls Hailey, Blake and Jess - they thought that coming to Tokyo wiould help set their careers off on the right path and help set them up for the modelling world. However what they will discover is something more dark and sinister in store for them as the three girls are wecomed to an audition for a million dollar contract - the thing is only one can win the spot and in order to win , the girls must face a series of challenges and there can only be one winner. This storyline is the main one and we learn that it is dangerous as blasts from the girls pasts , their secrets come into light and will be used to gain advantages . The other storyline that runs parellel to the competition is the story of how there have been quite a few models from America etc going missing in Japan. Is the competition connected to the missing girls and will Blake, Hailey and Jess be added to the Missing Persons list or will they find a way to work together or will they find themselves in it to win and sucked into the competition with no way out but deadly consequences..
I really enjoyed this book and am looking forward to seeing what else Jackie Amsden brings to the table and particulary intersted in the next in this series as it ended with a slight cliffhanger.


  1. Great review! Thanks so much for joining the Tokyo Cover Girls blog tour!


  2. Thanks for hosting again! Ha ha, you are probably sick of this book by now :)

    1. Didn't realise until later that I had signed up for both the YA reads and the Xpresso Tour for your book :P Paula :)


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