Friday, September 16, 2016

VBT # The Butterfly and the Moonbeam - Kim Streible

The Butterfly and the Moonbeam

Review: The Butterfly and the Moonbeam - Kim Streible - 2016 

Every now and again, I get review requests for books that I'm not too sure what they are about but they either have an amazing cover which makes me want to read the book like this one did or the write-up sounds interesting.  The Butterfly and the Moonbeam is set in the late 70's where Kathleen and her sister Lucy were born into a dysfunctional family. Kathleen is the oldest and then Lucy who is seven. Growing up Lucy hasn't experienced a real family and her sister Kathleen treats her more like a daughter than a sister. The two are close and share their secrets together. Kathleen can't wait until she is eighteen and then she can leave home and take Lucy with her as she will be old enough to be her guardian. Then tragedy happens and Lucy and Kathleen find themselves without any parents and then one thing after another happens which tears Lucy and Kathleen apart even further.  Kathleen awakes after collapsing to find out not only is she pregnant but Lucy has been taken to live with her relatives. Heartbroken, Kathleen tries to move on with her life as her and Jason move but a part of her still needs to find Lucy, as the years past we read both sides of the story - Kathleen's journey and Lucy's. We wonder whether the two girls will ever find one another again or whether they are destined to be apart ? The book then jumps five years into the future and a possible reunion is created. I personally had wished that the author had written a bit more on the part of Kathleen and Lucy reuniting as this to me felt like a massive letdown as the whole half of the story had been Kathleen trying to find Lucy - then they only have a page sharing the find. I felt like there had been a massive build-up and then it's wham,bam and over just like that - a bit like losing your V-card and then your'e no longer a virgin or in this case the story is over - capice. However if you are more into the whole character development side of things rather than plot, then you will probably find yourself enjoying The Butterfly and the Moonbeam more than I did as I am more of a plot/story driven person.

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