Thursday, September 22, 2016

VBT# A Player for a Princess - Tia Louise

A Player for A Princess (Dirty Players Duet, #2)

Review: A Player for a Princess - Book #2 Dirty Players Series - Tia Louise - September 2016

As a fan of movies, this book's tagline read Ocean's Eleven meets Cinderella and I was captivated as if I had to rank my order of favorite fairy tales - Cinderella is always at the top and then the title captured me too as I love anything with a Royalty twist. The novel starts with Zelda and her partner in crime discovering another one of their companions Helen murdered and then we read as they hightail it to the Caribbean and stake out one last gig at the local casino. Just one more game for Zelda and then she can return home to her sister who is getting ready to marry the new King Rowan. While on the gig, she runs into trouble at the casino as her lover Cal Lockwood - the Prince of the throne has tracked her down with his buddy Logan Thomas. Cal has let her get away once, and once was enough for Cal and this time he has no plans of letting Zelda get away. What will happen though when things start looking like they are going, Cal and Zel's way and she find herself kidnapped and part of a blackmail revenge plan and even worse when they discover she is hiding a big secret which will make her as a pawn, more valuable. I have to say I enjoyed this book more than I thought I would and though I had not read the first book - there were a few parts of the storyline that confused me, but overall I was able to pick up the pieces and put together what was happening.  A Player for a Princess is the perfect read if you are on the lookout for a romantic suspense set in the heart of the Caribbean.

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