Friday, September 16, 2016

VBT# Road-Tripped - Nicole Archer

Road-Tripped (Ad Agency Series #1)

Review: Road-Tripped - Book #1 The Ad Agency Series - Nicole Archer - August 2016

As my readers will know I am such a cover girl and often that can sway me to read a book. For Road-Tripped , there were four things that got me wanting to read this book. Not in any particular order but the first was the cover - I love the whole way that this cover reminds me of the olden-days, like those Vintage Postcards. The second thing was the fact that this story was set in a Ad agency as one of my favourites settings to read about is books set in PR type firms , the third was the fact it was a road-tripping novel as I love the whole idea of a road-trip and next year I am lucky enough to go on one from Dallas to New Orleans and then onto Atlanta - it's one of the things I am looking most forward to. The last but not least is the fact that they are road-tripping in a RV which is like classic road-trip transport and after reading Meghan Quinn's The Mother Road which also featured a road-trip in an RV - I have to say the idea I love. The book starts with Callie who has been working at her friend's Ad company - the one he inherited from his dad , I have to say reading the book - the company is in shambles. When an important client comes in - Skip needs his best friend to step up as he knows she is one of the only one he can truly rely on and she is darn good at her job . He pairs her up with Walker - whom by the female attention he seems to get around the office etc , he is a playboy. The truth though is that they are both escaping from their lives and something and as they are about to discover on their roadtrip of a lifetime across the States that looks and assumptions can be decieving and not all is what it seems. Road-Tripped was a fun read and it was a good way to capture some of the smalltowns and tourist attractions around America. I am also now looking forward to what adventures the Ad Agency will bring to the table with future books by Nicole Archer.

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