Monday, September 12, 2016

VBT# Olivia Decoded - Vivi Barnes

Olivia fell in love with Jack and then eight months ago , her world came crashing down around her as she discovered she had a grandfather - a wealthy one at that , her boyfriend was part of a hacking business and then she was kidnapped by a criminal ring organised by Jack's boss at the time Bill Sykes - he is kind of like the Fagan of this story. It could be because of the title Olivia Twisted but throughout the series especially Book #1 I kept liking it to the classic tale of Oliver Twist. Now Eight months later , Bill Sykes is dead and Olivia has been living with her grandfather and has not seen Jack since the day he decided his identity as Z was worth more than Olivia and her love. It's Valentines Day and Olivia it seems has a secret admirer but things aren't as innocent as that as it turns out that this secret admirer is in fact stalking Olivia and stalking = danger. During this time , the path leads back to Jack and his crowd as Olivia enlists them to help her solve who is stalking her and why ? Especially when it seems that Jack aka Z is under attack as well. Who is wanting Olivia dead and who is trying to frame Z for the job ? I have to admit I personally was a little disappointed with Book #2 as to me it fell a little bit flat compared to Book #1 which I absolutely enjoyed. I guess I was hoping for a bit more of a hacktype story rather than a teen romantic suspense and even the suspense in Olivia Decoded was not as intense as I had hoped for. Other than that , it was a good YA read with a hint of romance and suspense chucked into the mix.

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