Friday, September 30, 2016

VBT# Points of Departure - Emily O'Beirne

Points of Departure

Review: Points of Departure - Emily O'Beirne - June 2016

As a fan of travel and backpacking type novels as I personally have always wanted to give it a go and I have done an OE sort of trip around America which I loved and am headed back there next year, I have loved reading about them and one of my favourite places to read about is Europe as that is on my bucket list to visit - one day. In this book we meet five friends who are all connected by one female in particular - Kit. Kit was supposed to come on holiday with them as it's their last trip of freedom before university but of course , things have gone south for Kit once again and she has had to bail. Kit was going to be the glue of the trip for the girls. Now the girls must team up together and work in harmony in order to have an amazing trip away. We have Liza - who is trying her best to come out of the closet and sees this trip as a chance to find her true self , Mai - who is finally free of her strict parents and sees this trip as a freedom ride to drink, party and sleep with whomever she wants to, Tam - Kit's cousin has been busy looking after her dad and their farm after he was diagnosed of Cancer - this trip is for Tam to go out and spread her wings and do something for her as we read Tam's adventures in the culinary sector throughout her trip and Olivia - who needs this trip to figure out who she is and what she wants to do with her life after bombing her exams and stuffing up her three-five year plan in life.  Points of Departure was not just a travel romance tale but a story of friendships and discovering who you truly are away from the pressures of family, life and your future . The other thing which is awesome about travelling in groups is that it is always a way to which you can make friendships who will stay with you forever and become lifelong buddies.

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