Monday, September 12, 2016

Review: Just Juliet - Charlotte Reagan

It must be a current trend at the moment, but lately I have found myself reading quite a few teen books where the main characters are GLBT , more often than not the characters are female and lesbians. In Just Juliet we meet Lena who reminded me alot of Emily from Pretty Little Liars as she is at the beginning dating a football player and appears straight but then her attention is diverted to the new girl - Juliet. Whereas in Emily's case it was Maya. Lena welcomes Juliet into her group of friends and soon starts to hang out with Juliet and her family more and more. Juliet's family , I felt were like a haven and the family you would want to represent what a welcoming and embracing GLBT family should be like as her family were so accepting and loving of one another. As we discover that Juliet's older cousin is also gay. During Just Juliet, we read as Lena's relationship with Juliet unfolds through the stages of friendship to possibly more . Will Lena though be accepted by her friends when she announces that she is a lesbian ? Will her family accept her when she decides to come out of the closet and reveal herself ? One of the things I did like about this book was that it wasn't just an instant love and automatic HEA , as most of us know we fall hard for our first love and then more often than not our first loves can break our hearts terribly. We then get the guts to move on and try with others , but no matter how hard we try - we can never forget them . As the years go by, we might meet someone fantastic and new who will help us get over them or that first love of yours - like mine did, might come back for a second chance which will eventually lead possibly into a HEA . 
For an awesome read, that doesn't shove the GLBT in your face and for a book that you can easily read and enjoy - Just Juliet is the book for you.

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