Friday, September 30, 2016

VBT# Southern Nights and Secrets - Robin Covington

Southern Nights & Secrets (The Boys are Back in Town, #4)

Review: Southern Nights and Secrets - Book #4 The Boys are Back in Town Series - Robin Covington - September 2016

The last book in the Boys are Back in Town series has finally been released and I have to say since lately I have been enjoying the shows Code Black and Chicago Med, this was one of my favourite reads in the series.  Beck Sutherland aka Dr. Sutherland is one of those risk-taking, rule-breaking doctors who care too much about the patients and less about the rules. Think Melissa George's role in Heartbeat, but a male version and you have Beck.  Despite his bad reputation and misunderstood career moves, he is still one of the top and best doctors around and is up for the position of Team Leader for ER. The thing is though that the committee aren't convinced he is the best person for the role as he is considered unconventional. One of the outsiders that has been called upon to help the decision is Virginia Crawford aka Ginger. The two of them used to date back in College before he broke her heart. The reasons behind it we become privy to about halfway through the novel, but one thing is certainly clear - Beck never stopped loving Ginger.  When Beck's past starts to come back to haunt him and cause harm to those around him ? Will he choose his heart over his head ? Will he put himself and his career in jepoardy to save those he loves ? Find out in Book #4 of the Boys are Back in Town series by Robin Covington.

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